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Seasonal Bloom Subscription

Faux Bloom's Seasonal Bloom subscription provides luxury, wilt free flowers in full bloom all year. If you already buy fresh flowers you could save hundreds of pounds with our award winning selection of faux flowers. 

Reduced carbon footprint compared to monthly fresh subscriptions

Choose from colourful Spring blooms to festive winter accents, simply choose your annual subscription to receive endless seasonal variety from only £60 per arrangement, with our standard delivery gift wrapped bouquets starting from £75 this is a wonderfully sustainable way to bring the joy of botanicals into your home for less.

...No wilting, No watering, No allergies!


Fresh Floral subscriptions cost around £25 a month and tend to only last a few weeks. When opting for faux you are not only reducing your carbon footprint but could also be saving yourself around £160 per year!

...that could be a deposit for a holiday, a shopping spree or simply money in the bank!

Summer/Winter Duo £11.95 per month 

Only £71.70 per arrangement 

 - Spring/Summer Bouquet & Winter bouquet, perfect to rotate & re-use year after year...


Three Seasons £15.95 per month

Only £63.80 per arrangement

- Spring/Summer Bouquet, Autumnal Bloom Bouquet & Winter Bouquet with additional festive picks to add for Christmas. 


Four Season Deluxe £20 per month

Only £60 per arrangement Plus luxe larger size for Christmas

- Spring bulb Blooms, Summer Garden Bouquet, Autumnal Bloom Bouquet PLUS Luxury Christmas Show Stopper, ready to be used as your centre piece!

Seasonal Blooms 

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